Get Steady New Veterinary Clients for Your Practice

Effective & Affordable

A steady 17-37 plus additional New Clients per month makes a difference.

What makes our Marketing so effective is that we localize and specialize, unlike other marketing  companies that use the same message and keywords for all Veterinary practices.

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to –

  • Schedules Not Filled

  • Constant Cash Flow Worries

  • Stress from Unpredictable Scheduling

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A Story –

There is a common denominator of what every veterinary practice needs and that is New Clients.

Without this every practice dwindles, struggles and contracts. Some clients continue for years but others drop off because they move, etc. So the need for good new clients is always there.

But the problem is marketing companies only do promotion and advertising for the practice in the hope that this will bring you new clients. At best this is a 50%-50% shot at giving you what you want; new clients that bring income and profit.

With this you are missing 2 Key Components for success.
1. Specifically identifying the exact correct audience of potential veterinary clients. You possibly have identified at least part of the audience but is it enough to give you the clients you really want?

2. A Power Front Desk. The Art of Scheduling requires training and drilling of specific techniques we’ve developed which take your front desk staff from good to phenomenal.

Without these 2 Key Components implemented into a marketing plan you might as well light a match to any money you are using on marketing or promotion.

So why am I telling you this?

Our company has been working with certain Veterinary practices for years and have developed a system of increasing income and profit while reducing management stress by implementing these two key components and a few more. We focus on your ROI to get you a steady 17-37 additional new clients per month so you can increase profitability by filling the schedule without the usual pains and frustrations of ineffective marketing.

Note – We are now offering this system and service to all Veterinary practices across the country but we only take on one practice in an area. This protects the practice from competition in having other practices in their geographic area using the same system. During this roll out we are offering a 50% discount. Plus as you continue with us you will be locked into this discounted monthly price to continue getting new qualified clients.

1. The Zero Step is to have a discussion with the practice manager or owner to get the buttons, target audience you want to reach and the geographical area to cover for the ad campaigns and other data to make sure we deliver what the business wants. This will be used by us to structure the ideal audience for your ad campaign.

2. If you don’t have one, we setup a MailChimp account (which is free) as your CRM (contact management system) to receive your targeted leads. If you have another CRM that you’re familiar with, leads can easily be exported to it.

3. We do an In-Depth (deep dive) keyword research for structuring your campaign copy and positioning

4. Then your target audience research is created to bring you the most qualified targeted leads for your ad campaign. What we do in creating your target audience is unique to us.

5. We work with you on video ad scripts to make sure they Attract Attention, Grab Interest, Create Desire and Call to Action using the keyword research. If you don’t have videos we can create very professional your marketing videos or modify and use what you already have. We suggest a series of 3 videos 60 seconds or less with a 4-6 minute video on the landing page.

6. When the first video is done we setup the initial ad campaign using the custom audience created for you and launch it.

7. You will get real time leads sent to your email and into the MailChimp account plus ad visitors will click through to the website landing page of your choice.

8. We monitor ad(s) daily and make any adjustments as needed on budget and/or audience (Facebook is always changing).

9. We track the visitor analytics daily to see if you are getting the results wanted.

10. Weekly Reports are sent on that week’s production.

11. Consulting as needed to make sure you are getting the results you are expecting.

This is a 2 pronged approach, targeted audience visitors captured, emailed to you and sent to MailChimp account plus traffic sent to your website landing page.

We have made it very cost effective and affordable for any practice to stabilize and expand their practice. Please click here to sign up for a live 10-15 minute call with us to get the details.

We would love to work with you.

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Yes, I Want to Increase My Clients and Reduce Stress –
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