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Local Business Leads with Online Presence Program

The formula is: Online Presence as an Authority Site = Website Traffic = Business Leads
The key to this is managing your reputation so that it has a positive online presence.
One way to do this is by building your own reputation in hooking up with major authority sites.

Each month we create exposure of your website and company on Major News outlets with the message you want to get out. It has taken years to develop contacts with major News channels in the US which can be used for your company’s message.

Your company’s submission is guaranteed to be used and it is totally researched and written for you to give maximum coverage.

1. Each month we submit a story on whatever topic you wish and you are guaranteed 275 to over 500 major news publishings on their sites.
2. Advanced research gives you the correct focus to increase your company’s presence online, this is very important.
3. A professionally written story using years of experience gets you maximum exposure and interest.
4. This results in site visits, leads and potential customers that visit your site which increases throughout each month. As an example from a recent submission the visits on a business site tripled the first day. This is a new business and the 26 days prior they had 299 user visits. Just the first 26 days after, website visitors had jumped to 436. This is an increase of 31% from just one submission in the first 26 days.
5. We create Authority Reputation and Presence for your company resulting from major news channels linking to and talking about your website each month. This builds your brand and your website into an authority site for the topics and keywords you want to be known for.
6. The right to use major news logos on any other advertising you do, for example “As Featured on NBC News Channel 9 Tampa“, etc.

As said this results in,

  • Massive Exposure Online from Authority Sites each month
  • Increased Visibility & Online Presence = More People Aware of You or Your business
  • Positive Word of Mouth Advertising from First Page Website Positioning on Google
  • Special Positioning by Google in their “3 Pack” top of 1st page, if you’re a brick and mortar business
  • and More Customers – More Business

This is a Building Process That Works! You’ll see results each month but it is the persistent consistency that really gets you the stellar results you’re looking for. In addition to more visibility and more customers we are also building your company (and brand) as a highly reputable authority in your industry.

Businesses we’ve worked with recognize that being in the media on a long term basis and having long term exposure grows their business. For example, in advertising if you do an ad once, in a short time you will end up back to where your were. So long term marketing investment is important. If there’s only short term interest then we’re limited in what we can do.

One company’s results:
“In order to help as many people as possible we must have an active and engaging presence online and so just over a year ago I began working with Lee on a project to increase the number of people coming to our website. This activity took off like a shot! The visits to our website immediately began to increase and we jumped from 20,000 visits per month to over 60,000 but even better the number of people we have helped so far this year is already well over last year! I know with certainty that the simple action I take is the primary reason for the increase in statistics.”

We want to make this affordable to all businesses so have kept the cost as low as possible so that companies can continue this marketing long term for maximum benefits.

Special Note – We don’t take all companies, and only one type of business per area so you’re competitors don’t have access to major news media outlets and other marketing strategies we can do for you.
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