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Professional Practice Targeted Promotion

Practice Owners, what if you could get a steady flow of ADDITIONAL new clients or patients a month so that profit would increase because you are filling the schedule but without frustrating or expensive ineffective promotion?

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to –

  • Schedules Not Filled
  • Constant Cash Flow Worries
  • Stress from Unpredictable Scheduling
  • Not Enough Patients or Clients
  • Overall Practice Stress



We Grow Practices Economically!

Get New Patients or Clients Not Just Traffic to Your Website

Professional Videos for Your Advertising and Website

Get Targeted and Qualified Client Leads

Get Exact Road Map of Milestones and Steps to Bring Your Practice up to 7 Figures & Beyond


Profit Pyramid

Increase the Profitability of Your Practice

This Profit Pyramid is basically a general guide to see where the practice is at, showing descriptive revenue levels with “Symptoms” and “Keys to Success” for each level. You are looking at major levels that increase the practice’s expansion. Plug in what the numbers would be for your practice on Struggling, Surviving, Thriving and Driving!

There is also a detailed Road Map to a 7 Figure Practice and Beyond consisting of 9 milestones that we give you and go over with any of our private practice clients in growing their practice.


I’m sure you have a vision for your practice; a vision of where you really want to take it? Looking at where your practice is now; as far as size, effectiveness and profitability you’ll realize you need a plan to get from point A (where the practice is now) to point B (your vision).

So let’s look at this Revenue Pyramid. Where does your practice fall on this pyramid? Look at the overall actions it takes to move the practice up to the next level.


If for example, your practice doesn’t have anywhere near enough clients then it’s struggling, there’s lots of stress, cash flow problems and employee problems. This is because the practice is still proving itself in the community and needs to become more visible; branding.

However, if your practice is more in the unpredictable but surviving area, then you’re experiencing being overworked, financial ups and downs and lacking effective marketing and organization. So you would need to focus on promoting your practice and services to build it up into the thriving area.

Road Map - 7 Figure Practice & Beyond

Professional Practice Road Map – Over the years we have developed a concise Road Map for Professional Practices to take their business to a 7 Figure Practice and Beyond. This includes all the major milestones a practice needs to achieve to realize the practice of their dreams.

It includes:

  • Business Foundation of:  Identity – Establishment – Visibility
  • Patient/Client Funnel of:  Attracting Patients & Clients – Effective Funnel Steps – Patient & Client Conversions
  • Business Floodgates of:  Lead Expansion Campaigns – Business Expansion – Practice as Authority Position Locally

This guide gives a path to know where the practice is and the next major milestone that should be addressed.


We will give you this Road Map when you schedule a strategy call with us.


What the Professional Practice World is Saying About Us

Over the years we have helped many practices move up into that Thriving Milestone area. Here are some comments.

Work Efficiently

They analyzed why and how we were struggling and developed a plan for us to coordinate our efforts, train our team and get everyone helping the ship catch the wind and head in the right direction. We now have the tools to work well together, work more efficiently and everyone knows the importance of their efforts and how they impact the business. – Geoff Campbell, DVM

New Clients Increase

We’ve seen our new client numbers steadily increase and our revenues also continue to grow. – Dr. Christian Cumberbatch, DVM & Hospital Owner

Great Year

We had a great business year! Thank You. We will remain a work in progress but the changes you guided us to implement have made a world of difference. – Paul Drewry DVM

New Clients

The value of not only getting new clients but retaining good existing clients, is how I explain the value of what we got. – Jenny Feranadez Office Manager

Client Strategies

We have learned strategies for client satisfaction that will lead to more success of the business. – Mary Emerick, DVM

Productivity Empowered

I feel empowered to move forward with plans to improve the productivity of my practice. – Rhonda Gregory, DVM

Big Picture

We now have the ability for the whole team to see the “big picture” of where the facility is striving to be, and how we want to get there. – Monica Harrison RVT

Tools to Grow

Our clinic was given the tools we need to better serve our clients and make our clinic grow. I would highly recommend this training to anyone. – Jane Barnes, Office Manager

In Professional Practices

What Sets Us Apart?

You can draw from our years of experience in working directly with Professional Practices across the U.S. and Canada. Our unique method of acquiring targeted clients for you comes from many years experience in offline, online and various types of media including the press.

SEO may not bring you a return fast enough, print advertising may not reach today’s client, and Google Adwords may be cost prohibitive and not move your practice up to its next level. For your practice’s success we analyze and tailor the promotion program specific to your needs and resources. Our driving force is getting you a high ROI quickly and even greater returns long term.

Our focus?  We help professional practices get a steady flow of additional new patients or clients a month so they can increase profitability by filling the schedule without frustrating or expensive ineffective promotion.

We can guide you through the Professional Practice Road Map to a 7 Figure Practice and Beyond to become the Go-To Practice Authority in your area.

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